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What is Blair’s Boot Camp?
Blair’s Boot Camp is an indoor/outdoor fitness program whose main goal is to help you lose weight, gain muscle, improve endurance and get results. Our program is eight weeks in Chatham, Ontario and we meet 2 days a week. Our instructors are all experienced in training, so you get the quality and fun workout you need.


Who can join Blair’s Boot Camp?
Blair’s Boot Camp is for anyone who wants to improve their fitness and get results. Age and athletic ability does not matter. Our program is designed to be fun and challenging and to push you to YOUR next level. Experience it for yourself.


What kind of intensity can I expect?
We’ll tell you from the start, this is going to be difficult. Our program is designed to push
you to the next level and we tailor it to your needs. We expect you to give 100% at all times and participate to your fullest ability. We work in a team setting that offers support and encouragement, but everyone is pushed to their personal fitness level.


Am I Too Old For Boot Camp?
No. We have boot campers from 18 to 65 years young. We at Blair’s Boot Camp take pride in helping people of all ages to achieve their health and fitness level so that they can maximize the enjoyment that this world has to offer.


What if I am really unfit?
At Blair’s Boot Camp we work with the individual as much as we work with the group. No one gets left behind and no one is expected to work at a pace that puts them at risk for injury. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. We ask that you always listen to your body, rest if you feel overwhelmed and make your goal to be able to complete the sets or activities if you cannot. We will make sure you feel challenged in a safe environment.


I hate running, do I have to run?
At Blair’s Boot Camp we do light jogs to get your heart rate up. We also provide modified versions of a jogging warm up to ensure everyone is involved. So be ready for cardio drills, but we will not be running long distances.


I’m already in good shape, is this program for me?
At Blair’s Boot Camp we accommodate all fitness levels. If we see you stand out in the group as the super man or woman, be ready. It doesn’t matter who you are, we will challenge you to your fullest potential.


What is your refund policy?
If after your first class you decide boot camp is not for you, we offer you a full 100% refund, no questions asked.


How much does Boot Camp cost?
Blair’s Boot Camp is $189 plus HST. You will receive 8 weeks of boot camp training and tips to training twice a week which equals 16 full classes of fun, exciting, and intense workouts combined all in one.


What Do I Need For Boot Camp?
Even though Blair’s Boot Camp has some fitness equipment available, we still recommend that you purchase a mat, water bottle, and 5 pound weights so you never have to worry about not being able to participate in all of the activities we offer.

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